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2013-09-08 FOCUS Information Agency: Yanukovych tells his party why he chose EU over Russia

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych accused Russia in violating many of the bilateral agreements, during a meeting with the parliamentary group of the Party of Regions of Ukraine on September 4, and declared that he made the choice of his country’s future: signing an association agreement with the EU.
According to sources of Ukrainian edition Zerkalo Nedeli, quoted by UNIAN agency, Mr Yanukovych announced that he started each morning with a prayer, in which he prayed to God to give him patience and resilience for the communication with their strategic neighbour.

2013-08-29 A.Kozyreva. Why Lukashenko arrested oligarch Baumgertner

2013-08-27 O.Mordyushenko. Russia supports the head of UralKaliy

2013-08-15 S.Kozlovskiy. Trade war between Ukraine and Russia

2013-08-05 MP: Azerbaijan, Turkey start creating single army

Azerbaijan and Turkey have begun forming a unified army, member of the Azerbaijani parliamentary committee on security and defense, MP Zahid Oruj told Trend today.
"The creation of joint Azerbaijani-Turkish military units proves that the two countries share a unified view of regional problems and security issues," he added. "Along with the economic, political and diplomatic foundations of the relations, their most important component - a military is being created."
The old formula for cooperation, "One nation, one army" must be restored and replace the slogan "One nation, two states".
There are opportunities to improve the army and to use NATO standards. After Azerbaijan's power increases, its influence will also increase in the region.
"In this sphere, Azerbaijan and Turkey undertake joint strategic actions," he said. "Now on, while expanding the opportunities, one can create military units, performing the same certain mission. There is a political will and adequate resources for this."

2013-07-26 Lukashenko calls Snowden a traitor

2013-06-06 In Simferopol Islamists demonstrate for Sharia law

2013-06-03 Hizb Ut-Tahrir meeting announced in Simferopol, Crimea

2013-04-25 In response to economic sanctions, Belarus threatens to leave NPT

2013-01-23 A.Khramchikhin. Degradation of the Ukrainian Army

2013-01-21 Ukraine replaces the Russian gas

2013-01-18 Tymoshenko accused of murder

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