Inplainview News Weblog - 2013: Russia. Defense, Security, Space

2013-09-07 D.Kozlov. After Bulava missile failure, submarine testing put on hold

2013-09-02 S.Mashkin. One more episode goes out of Serdyukov's criminal case

2013-08-19 O.Rubnikovich. No case against Serdyukov

2013-08-16 Yu.Senatorov. New materials against Serdyukov

2013-08-07 Shoigu refuses to buy the Italian armored vehicles

2013-07-24 S.Ishchenko. Serdyukov and Russian Aviation in the far East

2013-07-23 Serdyukov's legal team: Procecution and media are incompetent

2013-07-08 Yu.Senatorov. Serdyukov sold even Generals' lake in Krasnogorsk region

2013-06-26 First Russian air base in Belarus to open soon

2013-06-17 N.Serdyukov. Serdyukov's aid Priezzheva charged with fraud

2013-06-10 Commander of 58 Army Gen Gurulev charged with using soldiers as servants

2013-06-03 V.Sychev. Russia starts producing grenade launchers RPG-32 in Jordan

2013-05-27 V.Voronov. Problems with Glonass

2013-05-23 D.Marakulin. Svetlana Pyatunina, one of Serdyukov's women, relaesed from home arrest

2013-05-23 Russia tests the sea floor based ballistic missile

2013-05-20 Egypt broke contract with Russia for M109 Howitzer modernization

2013-05-15 Criminal case opened on Serdyukov's military imports from Italy

2013-05-06 Why Syrian S-300 did not work?

2013-04-27 Arms constructor A.Shipunov died

2013-04-26 Lukashenko on Russian aviation base in Belarus

2013-04-11 New charges of fraud for Vasilyeva

2013-04-10 Director of Izhmash detained, former director arrested for fraud

2013-04-08 Russian strategic forces lose TU-95MS bomber

2013-04-06 Russia to modernize Antonov planes without Ukrainian consent

2013-04-02 Vehicle maintenance fraud discovered in Serdyukov's Ministry of Defence

2013-03-19 Rogozin asks Seagal to lobby Russian firearms in tne US

2013-03-14 More evidence against Serdyukov

2013-03-12 General Botashev charged with breaking SU-27 fighter

2013-03-07 O.Volkova. Personal property of Ye.Vasilyeva arrested

2013-02-27 Saudi military love Russian T-90 tanks

2013-02-06 G.Petelin, Ye.Mayatnaya. Serdyukov's dacha in Anapa was built instead of the radar station

2013-02-01 Intelsat-27 lost in the Russian launch was for the US military

2013-02-01 Pacific launch of Zenit-3SL failed

2013-01-29 A.Konyaev. How Phobos-Grunt project failed

2013-01-29 A.Malyutin. Does Rusia need NATO military equipment?

2013-01-27 Russian defence ministry puts IVECO contract with Italy on hold

2013-01-24 Military Industrial Commission: Buying Mistral carriers in France was an absurdity

2013-01-23 Yu.Krinitskiy. Myths of Serdyukov's reforms

2013-01-18 S.Mashkin. Another criminal case against Serdyukov

2013-01-11 N.Chekhovskiy. Russian aviation was deliberately killed

2013-01-10 Bulava and Dolgorukiy are ready for service

2013-01-03 I.Korotchenko. Russian nuclear missile trucks - victims of corruption

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